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 PTS turned 20

20 years... Strong connection of trust, alturity, respect and sincerety.

We took our steady place amoung the few sectoral companies by means of the power and the trust which supllied by our customers´ warmest hands, as a response of our labour in 20th year of our establishment.

We do appreciate to our customers and business partners tho whom hand over their shipments, believe in our sincerety, and the most importantly making us; a reputable PTS.

ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Standard

As a result of our struggles to produce services at the highest level, PTS have had been granted the latest version of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System last year. This year as the next step of our goals, PTS has been granted to The Customer Satisfaction standart ISO 10002:2004 Complaint Management System after the long examinations of the Breau Veritas.

Decree of Mail and Air Express Transportation


Mail and Express Courier Transportation has been re-defined by the Turkish Law once again. According to new decree, non commercial B2C shipments up to 30 kg and maximum 1500 Euro value, will be able to be cleared the customs electronically without any former formalities by the courier companies. Concerned regulation was only for the shipments transported by air; and now this is also possible by road transportation too.
Concerned decree is giving very big responsibilities to the courier companies and only a few company has got the concerned rights along with PTS Worldwide Express.

  Track and Trace
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Freight Collect Service Coverage has expanded

As a result of unconditional customer satisfaction understanding of PTS Worldwide Express, right now Freight Collect service coverage has expanded along with very economic rates.

PTS is now offering such service which enables in 28 countires that your consignees can pay the freight charges.

If you are not introduced with continously developing and enhancing PTS services so far, take your place in order to get advantages of PTS services.

Universal Postal Services

According to the Turkish Postal Services Act 6475 and related regulations published on June 2014, international express and cargo carriers are considered to be Postal Service Providers. In this regard, it obliges these companies to pay 2% of their net sales as a contribution to Universal Service Fund and 0.35% of their net sales will be paid to the Information and Communications Technologies Authority for their administrative services.

As an express courier company, we have become liable to pay the percentage of amount stated above to the relevant government agencies. Accordingly total 2.35% “Universal Postal Service Fee” will be applied for the shipments up to 30 kg or 300 cubic decimeter.

PTS Express PTS Air PTS Road PTS Sea PTS Rail
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