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About PTS
PTS Worldwide Express, being the first Turkish brand in international express courier business, performs the transportation of documents and parcels to more than 220 countries and autonomous entities, with maximum confidence and economical prices within the minimum transit time. PTS Worldwide Express, founded in 1997 April 29th, provides services in air express transportation business as the first 100% Turkish capital owned company.

PTS gets its place among the top five companies within a short time, combining its experience with its dynamism. PTS Worldwide Express currently offers solutions to its customers in every model of transportation (road, seaway, airway, railway, intermodal).

PTS aims to shorten the transit time of the shipments via daily flights to Germany along with regular flights to United Arab Emirates, China and Israel as a policy of producing solutions while increasing the market share.

PTS Worldwide Express offers customized solutions to your requirements with its technological infrastructure, modern technical equipments and experienced team members together with its business partners in the international arena.

PTS Express PTS Air PTS Road PTS Sea PTS Rail
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