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There are two types of invoices as Commercial and Proforma Invoice. Proforma invoice must be prepared for any shipments other than documents. Proforma invoice is a declaration to customs, must be in english, and at least one must be original and three must be

“Packing list” which showing the contents is not an invoice. Invoice is a kind of passport of the shipment allowing entry to the destination country. Shipments without invoice are not allowed to enter to the destination country. Destination country customs need invoices to calculate duty and taxes if there is any.
If you do not have a form that you can use as your proforma invoice, you can download a useful form from our website and apply to your letter head paper.

Proforma invoice are generally from four parts. Those are:

1-Shipper’s details: section which contact details, address of the shipper is mentioned.

2-Consignee’s details: section which contact details, address, zip code of consignee is mentioned.

3-Commodity details: section which nature of the goods, quantity and price is mentioned.

4-Declaration for the reason of export: this section is for to declare why the shipment is being exported (sample, present, personel use etc).

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