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Airwaybill is a paperwork which accompanies the goods from origin to the final destination. PTS airwaybill has to be issued and handed over to PTS driver along with the shipment. Airwaybill is total four copies and every copy is used in the transferring hubs. When a waybill is prepared by the shipper, it is assumed that the conditions of the transportation is accepted by the shipper.

Fields concerned with PTS shippers are generally six sections. Other sections are for PTS use. Sections that shippers are involved are;

The shipments are transferred by the barcode aided technologies in every international point and for this reason readeable barcodes are very important.

Section regarding the information of the company or person who is sending the shipment is mentioned. All financial data is based on the shipper’s information and this section must be issued carefully.

This is the most important field onto the waybill. Any lack of the information or certain mistakes may cause to delay of the shipment. Addresses mentioned as PO Box number cannot be transported by PTS because delivery of concerned shipments cannot be proved.

4-Payment Terms:

There are basicly two types of payment terms in this field and in case one of them is being fogotton to be marked, shipment is considered as freight prepaid. Freight Prepaid: Freight charges are billed to the shipper.
Freight Collect:
Freight charges are billed to the consignee. If shipper is not a contracted PTS customer, a payment confirmation letter which guarantees the payment is requested.

5-Signature of the shipper:
Signature and name of the person who handed over the shipment along with the date is mentioned in this field.

6-Special Instructions:
The field which special demads are mentioned. If the shipment is only documents, there is no need to prepare proforma invoice; however in this field it must be mentioned that contents is documents.

PTS Express PTS Air PTS Road PTS Sea PTS Rail
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